America's Cash Bubble Set to Burst on May 1, 2024

For the first time I've ever heard of... we know the exact day (and time) a bubble is going to burst. This is insane and something we only have access to because of Jason's findings (that he's sharing with his ultra-elite clients). To find out what the cash bubble is and why you're vulnerable to it without even realizing...

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New rules for Pregnant Workers Fairness Act includes divisive accommodations for abortion

NEW YORK (AP) — Workers are entitled to workplace accommodations for abortions — along with other like miscarriage, stillbirth and lactation — under the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act, according to finalized federal regulations published Monday.

Company that made millions of defective sleep apnea machines ordered to overhaul manufacturing

WASHINGTON (AP) — The company responsible for a will be barred from resuming production at U.S. facilities until it meets a number of safety requirements, under a announced Tuesday by federal officials.

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On eve of Japanese prime minister's visit to North Carolina, Fujifilm announces more jobs there

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — Hours before the Japanese prime minister's arrival in North Carolina, a subsidiary of Japan's Fujifilm Corp. announced Thursday plans to expand further a massive biopharmaceutical manufacturing plant in the state, even as the initial phase is not yet complete, promising another 680 jobs.

Trial to begin against railroad over deaths in Montana town where thousands were exposed to asbestos

HELENA, Mont. (AP) — A trial begins Monday against Warren Buffett's BNSF Railway over the lung cancer deaths of two people who lived in a small northwestern Montana town where thousands of people were exposed to asbestos from a vermiculite mine.

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It's not Nvidia, Meta Platforms, Alphabet, or Amazon. But thanks to a recent major deal, an under-the-radar stock could become the No. 1 winner of the AI boom. "This company just teamed up with one of the biggest power players in the AI industry... yet you can still buy it for just one-twelfth the price of Nvidia -- the time to buy is NOW," says Marc Chaikin.

Analyst Reacts To FDA Commish Comments: Medical And Recreational Cannabis Could Have Separate Regulations

FDA Commissioner Robert Califf's Thursday testimony sparked new conversations about the future of cannabis in the U.S. particularly concerning its medical and recreational classifications.

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The wealthy elite have always used cutting-edge technology to get an unfair advantage... A.I. will be no different. Right now, A.I. is creating a huge wealth-building advantage for folks who know how to use it.

Opponents of smoking in casinos try to enlist shareholders of gambling companies in non-smoking push

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. (AP) — Add investors to the list of people that opponents of smoking in casinos are enlisting in hopes of banning the practice.

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40% of "AI" companies don't even use AI... and many AI companies have no gains whatsoever. But AI is transforming one secret group of companies, practically overnight. Already, 50 stocks in this sector have shot up 100% or more in just 90 days. Professor Joel Litman explains everything.

Pfizer's Paxlovid Demonstrates Safety But Raises Questions on Efficacy in Low-Risk Covid-19 Patients-NEJM Study

New England Journal of Medicine publishes Pfizer's Paxlovid trial data, revealing insights into COVID-19 treatment efficacy, hospitalization rates, and adverse events. Learn more about the study's findings and implications.

AP Weekend News Lookahead - April 6-8

This news lookahead offers a look at major events and stories through the weekend and beyond. All times EST and plans are subject to change. Find our latest plans in .

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His award-winning system pinpointed NVDA and META before both stocks doubled. Now it's flashing "BUY" on this under-the-radar A.I. stock.

Adaptive Biotechnologies Names New CFO Preserves Strong Capital Position

Adaptive Biotechnologies announces strategic restructuring to enhance independence and financial strength.

AP Exclusive: EPA didn't declare a public health emergency after fiery Ohio derailment

The aftermath of last year's fiery in eastern Ohio doesn't qualify as a public health emergency because widespread health problems and ongoing chemical exposures haven't been documented, federal officials said.

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Jason Bodner is going public today with an urgent new warning. He believes the most popular investment of 2024 is set to pop... And it could all start just days from now. This has NOTHING to do with A.I. stocks... It has NOTHING to do with crypto currency... And it has NOTHING to do with high-flying tech stocks. Instead, this corner of the market you likely have cash parked in has swelled to nearly $6 trillion.

Metabolic Diseases-Focused Eiger BioPharmaceuticals Files For Bankruptcy, Stock Nosedives

Eiger BioPharmaceuticals files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Plans to sell Zokinvy (lonafarnib) to Sentynl Therapeutics or up to $26.0 million. Potential bidders can submit competing bids.

South Korea's Yoon vows not to back down in the face of doctors' strike over medical school plan

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — South Korea’s vowed Monday not to back down in the face of vehement protests by doctors seeking to derail his plan to drastically increase medical school admissions, as he called their walkouts “an illegal collective action” that poses "a grave threat to our society.”

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Thailand steps up border control of livestock after anthrax outbreak is reported in neighboring Laos

BANGKOK (AP) — Thailand's government has ordered officials to closely monitor livestock along the border with Laos after more than 50 people were reported to have contracted anthrax in the neighboring country.

Georgia teachers and state employees will get pay raises as state budget passes

ATLANTA (AP) — Pay raises for Georgia's public school teachers and state employees were never in doubt politically from the moment Gov. Brian Kemp proposed them, but lawmakers finally clinched the deal on Thursday, passing a budget that also boosts spending on education, health care and mental health.

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In this video, I go on location to share the name, ticker symbol, and story behind my #1 A.I. stock pick. I can almost guarantee you've never heard of this company -- but soon you, your friends, and your family will likely all be using it.

What's Going On European Pharma Giant AstraZeneca Stock On Wednesday?

Japan approves AstraZeneca & Sanofi's Beyfortus for respiratory syncytial virus in neonates, infants, & children. Also, Truqap receives approval for unresectable or recurrent breast cancer. AstraZeneca challenges Arkansas law extending drug discounts to for-profit pharmacy chains, citing federal regulations."

A Japanese supplement pill is recalled after two people died and more than 100 were hospitalized

TOKYO (AP) — Health supplement products believed to have caused two deaths and sickened more than 100 people have been ordered to be taken off store shelves in Japan.

Gold Is SOARING -- Here's What You Need to Do - Ad

Everything is lining up perfectly for a historic gold bull run. One gold expert says he's found the best way to get in, for less than $5.

Senior doctors in South Korea to submit resignations, deepening dispute over medical school plan

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — Senior doctors at dozens of hospitals in South Korea planned to submit their resignations Monday in support of medical interns and residents who have been on a strike for five weeks over the to sharply increase medical school admissions, their leader said.

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We're entering the final crypto bull run, and 2024 will be your last chance to ever get rich from crypto. These five tiny cryptos are believed to create generational wealth over the next 12 months. $30 trillion is poised to funnel into the crypto markets thanks to a new government regulation just signed.

Heavy-smoking West Virginia becomes the 12th state to ban lighting up in cars with kids present

CHARLESTON, W.Va. (AP) — West Virginia, which has the highest rate of adult cigarette use in the nation, became the 12th state to ban smoking in vehicles with children present under a bill signed by Republican Gov. Jim Justice on Friday.

European Medicines Agency Delays Approval Decision For Biogen-Eisai Partnered Alzheimer's Drug Lecanemab

Biogen and Eisai face delays as EMA postpones the oral explanation for the lecanemab review. Procedural issues at EMA prompt setback, impacting drug evaluation process amid recent EU court ruling.

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If you currently own NVIDIA (NVDA)... Or were thinking of buying it in the weeks ahead... I urge you to review my recent interview before you move your money. There's a BETTER AI stock to buy than NVDA right now, especially in the coming $7 trillion A.I. boom.

Ozempic, Wegovy Lowers Risk Of Cannabis Use Disorder Says New Study

An analysis of almost 700,000 people with type 2 diabetes or obesity found that those prescribed Ozempic or Wegovy were about half as likely to develop cannabis use disorder as those taking other medications.

The Next Nvidia? - Ad

Wall Street legend has just uncovered one tiny Maryland company that could become the next Nvidia. Few in the media are talking about this story yet...but in the next 6 months that's all they'll talk about.

EU Antitrust Regulators Overstepped in Illumina-Grail Deal, Says Court Adviser

EU antitrust advisor criticizes decision blocking Illumina's $7.1 billion bid for Grail, citing overreach. Impact on Qualcomm deal scrutinized. Commission's jurisdiction challenged amid legal battles. Judges to rule soon, Emiliou's opinion pivotal.

Judge delays case against Colorado funeral home owners accused of 190 counts of corpse abuse

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (AP) — A Colorado judge on Thursday granted a defense request to delay the criminal case against two Colorado funeral home operators accused of letting nearly 200 corpses decay, in some cases for years, angering some families of the deceased who are eager for the case to be resolved.


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